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 Can you commit to a reading one book every weekend?  

Can you commit to a reading #onebook every #weekend?

Thing about books is that you need to figure out what can you use out of the chapters, you probably will find few things that you can apply and grow.

 vTalk – #DATA #INSIGHTs or Gut Feeling, what do you rely on? – Preksha Kaparwan  

Often decisions are made on ‘gut feeling’, and as we look at data it leads to a sophisticated point of view, to back that feeling.

Everyone has a decision process and sometimes you pick one and sometimes its a mix. Data is great at providing evidence for a hypothesis.

What do you think?

Preksha Kaparwan
Enabling Voice Insights for Tableau and Power BI
Co-Founder, CMO, V.UX Designer – RealBox Data Analytics

 vTalk – Lessons that have had the biggest impact on building our brand at Drift – Sharing the training we use for marketing hires at Drift  

Dave Gerhardt, VP Marketing, Drift.

It’s a 30-minute video packed with lessons from over 6,000 hours at Drift and 50+ books on advertising and marketing. But David Cancel (CEO) didn’t want me to give them away for long, so we’re capping this at 48 Hours. After 48 hours we’re taking this video down. Two ways to get this video before it goes away ⚡️⚡️⚡️
1. Send an email with the subject line “DG’s Video” to [email protected]
2. Click the link to get access right now: https://lnkd.in/examnxw

 vTalk – Product management is right at the centre of marketing. In this video, i have briefed about product development and product marketing..  

Shweta Hegde – Product Manager | Medical Devices | MBA | Engg

Product management is right at the centre of marketing. Product management deals with planning, forecasting and marketing the product at every stage of the product life cycle. To do product management right and create a successful brand, you need a well-thought strategic and tactical approach. In my next video I will summarize the product roadmap and its components.

 vTalk- If you don’t build a brand and win on social, voice will wipe you out – Gary Vaynerchuk  

If you don’t build a brand and win on social, voice will wipe you out.

When we ask Alexa to buy a toothbrush in the future, Amazon is going to have its own product (or affiliate product) a the default option – unless we ask “buy a Crest toothpaste” or “buy a Colgate toothpaste.”

I really think that in the future, brand will be the only thing left.