vTalk – It takes months to get a customer, Seconds to lose one – Alex Pirouz  

When I launched Linkfluencer back in 2013, I had one goal: To provide the best customer experience. We’ve been fortunate enough to educate over 20,000 businesses across 60 industries and 35 countries. We continue to maintain a 5 star rating online. And have created raving fans globally who know, like, trust and refer work to us. I haven’t done anything special.

1) I got very clear on what ‘Exceptional’ customer service meant to us.
2) Trained the team on how to best deliver that.
3) Created the right systems and procedures to help maintain that standard.

And constantly evaluated our performance on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. In a world where most companies are chasing new business, look after your existing clients first. And double down on providing the most value within your industry. It will pay dividends both in the short and long term.