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 vTalk – In public speaking, it is important to know audience and connect with them..  

In public speaking it is very important to know your audience and connect with them…Don’t assume the audience is like you. In this video I have shared few secret tips to connect well with your audience.
Number 3 secret is one of the most important of all.

Anchor Mayuri Malandka
Corporate Presenter | Team Building Consultant |
Communication Coach | Lifestyle Trainer
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 vTalk – Manifestations converting into something you will achieve. I am going to help you achieve that in 5 simple steps – Naqiyya Yusuf : Healer, Aura Reader, Astrologer.. Mumbai  

What exactly is manifestation.. manifestations converting into dreams, into something that you will achieve.. How can you achieve it? I am going to help you a bit here, in achieving that in 5 simple steps..

Naqiyya Yusuf
Mumbai, India