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 vTalk – Too many people hoping for a miracle !!  

Not everyone one makes it to the top of the pyramid, not everyone makes a livelihood out of #hobbies.
They mistake it to be a part time thing, hoping audience to like what you are doing half-heartedly.

You gotta be obsessed with it.

What are you putting in?

Preksha Kaparwan
Enabling Voice Insights for Tableau and Power BI
Co-Founder, CMO, V.UX Designer – RealBox Data Analytics

 vTalk – Manifestations converting into something you will achieve. I am going to help you achieve that in 5 simple steps – Naqiyya Yusuf : Healer, Aura Reader, Astrologer.. Mumbai  

What exactly is manifestation.. manifestations converting into dreams, into something that you will achieve.. How can you achieve it? I am going to help you a bit here, in achieving that in 5 simple steps..

Naqiyya Yusuf
Mumbai, India